CampSite Inspection



This Campsite inspection guideline sheet is to provide you with an Ideal as to what the inspectors may be looking for. It is not intending to be the last word on the inspection.


  • Is it safe
  • who am I and where am I from
  • Shows SCOUT craft

A. Required

  • National
  • Troop
  • Patrol

B. Optional

  • State or providence
  • City

Tents setup

  • standing up and tight
  • in some kind of configuration
  • cared after

Tent Interior

  • sleeping bag closed and neat
  • items are but away
  • No trash

Kitchen Area

  • defined cooking area
  • defined food prep are
  • defined clean up area
  • all items are put away

Eating Area Neatness

  • washed down
  • no food out
  • no dirty dishes

The lists below are ideals and do not need to be there themselves.

  1. Boy made
    • wash basins
    • towel racks
    • Gateway
  2. Troop made
    • Patrol boxes
    •  Tables
    • Chairs

Camp site Safety

  • if there is an ax yard it is set up right
  • if there is an fire area that it is organized and attend to
  • items not laying around and out of place
  • Fire extures/buckets in kitchen area.

Over all Camp

    • how dose it look from the road