Spring Camp



Looking forward to see you in the Fall or Spring 2021.

.. April  2021..
.. 8973 Wise Rd.. ..
.. Commerce Twp. ..
If you use google maps or Imaps this will get you right to the drive way.
If you use Yahoo maps you will be East of the Driveway a few 100 feet. Look for a sign.

Planned DJ Saturday night

Groups Should per-register for camp by APRIL 1 with one of our camp chiefs or by email. If past this date please get in contact with one of the camp chiefs.Tour permits and Medical forms needed per each Scout organizations’ regulations Camp payment is not due until the Saturday of camp by 10am. If you have any question post a comment below with your question and we will contact you by email.
The entrance is located On the South side of the Road.

Camp Fee $15 per Canada Scout

Camp Fee $12 per US Scout

Click here for a Registration form