Field Events


There are two sessions of field events. These events are fun and team building. The patrol is scored with a max of 10 points at each event. Canada unit’s face off with Canada units and American units face off with American units.. We give First Second and Third place ribbons to each group. Below is a listing of some of the events we run.

Kim’s Game

First Aid


What do I smell

Strike the Match

Messy Camp

Moon Bowling

Pop The Corn

Freak Nature

Board Walk

Compass game

Stilt Race



At each of the station we post a word written in Morse code. It is the job of the patrol to find these postings and translate the question or statement into written English.



We hand each patrol a list of questions that they must find the answers for. This event will get the scouts out and meet new people. Below you will find a list of past questions asked on the scavenger hunt.

What was Lord Baden-Powell’s first name?

What is the Canadian Camp Chief’s middle name?

Find a female Canadian Venture Scout. Name & Unit

Find a Scout on his or her first CAMP O REE Name & Unit

What is the shoe size of the American Camp Chiefs Asst.?


JOTA – Station (Fall Camp)

Each Fall the World Organization of Scouting holds a Jamboree on the Air Event. This event started back in 1957.